Up and running! I’m so pleased, I’ve got it up and running, following the ideas on this thread at TabletPC Buzz (site down at present, but was there before!)

Given that most of the sites I’ve read about the M200 discuss the fact that you can’t use the restore CDs if you don’t have an external Toshiba CD (I have a Freecom one), then I’m quite glad that I’ve managed it. Luckily a colleague has the same Laptop, so we were able to copy the relevant folders (I386 & CMPNENTS) to a CD, and from there build the install one with SP2 integrated.

So, now just putting on the million and 1 drivers that it seems to need – then it will be AntiVirus, much of the security software mentioned in a previous thread, and the many MS updates since SP2…

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