The Register has an interview with a “link Spammer”. A link spammer is someone who trawls a variety of sources, (including blogs) to put links to assorted sites (generally selling things that I’ve no interest in buying)…
So the link spammers – who prefer to call themselves “search engine optimisers”, but get upset when search engines do optimise themselves – turned to other free outlets which Google already regarded highly, because their content changes so often: blogs. And especially blogs’ comments, where trusting bloggers expected people to put nice agreeable remarks about what they’d written, rather than links to PPC sites. Ah well. Nothing personal.

“Sam”, the person being interviewed, goes on to discuss the process of spamming. So far, touch wood, this blog hasn’t been spammed, perhaps because you have to be signed in to blogger to leave a comment. However, another blog that I set up as a test on a personal account, which I didn’t require logging in to use, has been inundated – and this is a site that has a “no index” robots file – in other words, the site should only be accessible to anyone who guesses the URL … – and then the path of the blog.
(I’ve now disabled open commenting!)

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