… ago I joined Dundee University. (5 years & 5 days if you’re being particularly picky)

Like all of us, I’d never anticipated this last year; though like many others I’ve spoken to, as an Educational Technologist, we’ve had to introduce new approaches, tools and ways of working that we wanted to – just not quite at the rate that we’d have planned. I also got to start blogging again, though my enthusiasm for posting has waned – I’ve had ideas, I’ve got drafts, but I’ve not always managed to post them. 

A few changes for me – I’ve now got a super working from home space – we pulled forward the idea to get a garden room, and I’m in it now. I’ve aimed to keep it more relaxed than work – hence the fun stuff on the shelves. The glowing map on the shelf is a UK rain trackr

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Like many others, cabin fever (even in a beautiful space) starts to set in. Following the suggestion of a colleague, I’ve started trying to arrange coffee meetings with other Ed techs from other Institutions, which has been a really nice break. It gives me the space to think, to talk, but not ending up with an even longer todo list. We’re all in, if not the same, very similar boats – it’s so reassuring to hear.

This is just a short post, but I’ll end with some resolutions for the next year

  • Take time to really get back to blogging. I like it when I do it, I need to allocate the time
  • Get back to working on the SHEA application – I first tried to start it before I left Portsmouth 
    • And CMALT
  • Have fun! I went on a Lego Serious Play online session before Christmas. Not only do I need to blog about it, I need to do  it. 

I’m on leave next week, looking forward to that! 

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