For a long time now, I’ve taken a Photo a day – since Jan 1st, 2011. I’ve only missed 1 day since – that said, if you have seen them, and have followed them on Flickr, you’ll perhaps have spotted that taking photos is one thing. Uploading them, another …

So, when during the week, I spotted a tweet from Ben Werdmuller, which lead to details of his latest project, Recording Life on the Ground  – it struck a cord. I’ve known of Elgg, his first major project, for a long time now; it impressed me when I first came across it.

This blog originally started out in Blogger (I think) and, when I started to investigate the possibility of linking WebCT and Elgg I moved my blog to Elgg. Sadly, we didn’t get the two linked, nor did I get Elgg set up at Portsmouth, but I did get those MScELT students who started in 2006 to use Elgg on what was then Elgg.Net

I’d never quite got into Known in the same way, though I have experimented with it. However, Ben’s latest project, designed to tie in with the current pandemic, is simple, but a good way to find out what people are actually doing.

Ben’s latest project, “Recording Life on the Ground” It’s based around a set of questions – he’d originally thought of 10, but 4 was the general consensus  – that’s not too onerous, but enough to get depth.

I’m looking forward to seeing the software, though of course there’s nothing to stop me answering those very questions here.

1: What did you do today?

I worked – mostly setting up exam modules for staff, but that wasn’t only it.

2. What did you enjoy?

The chatting – albeit on video, to members of the team; we had a few laughs, it was informal, but we got things done.

3. What did you find difficult? 

A very bizarre set of dates – one of my spreadsheets managed to have UK dates in one column – and US in another! Go figure! (Actually, I think it was because one column had decided to default to US dates, and the other had been left as a text column).

4. What has changed?

The weather 🙁 It’s finally broken. We’ve had a lot of sun. Today, it’s the last day of April, and finally the april showers arrived.


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