… and time is flying

So, it’s now the end of week 3; I’m getting more familiar with teams – and still not really liking it. I’ve also experienced a much bigger teams meeting than I have before – I think I’d have found collaborate much easier for that particular meeting.

I was also meant to be doing a conference presentation for QAA Scotland. It would have been the first for a long time, so was both looking forward to getting back to going to conferences & presenting, but a wee bit nervous. Of course, it was cancelled. They wanted the presentation in advance if possible, and work meant that it wasn’t really finished until the night before, and it wasn’t quite what I’d have done face to face. I didn’t have the time to find good photos (either from my own Flickr stream, or elsewhere)

This is it.

The QAA session, what I saw of it via twitter and a couple of live streams was useful – I just wish I’d been there, as I think I’d have got a lot from it. OER20 looked excellent (as usual) from their twitter stream. I’m hoping that next week, as the students have their Easter break, I’ll have time to catch up on the resources from both.

Another thing I’m hoping to have time for next week, is a few more of the informal 1:1 calls – with a coffee – I think I’m missing that a lot! I managed one this week. Given that our team task for the day was to share a favourite biscuit, here’s mine (as I’ve given up chocolate for Lent, it’s not my own photo)

A jaffa cake
By Asim18 – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3155609

The weekend is rapidly approaching – this caught my attention last Friday so I’ll repeat it today.

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