Part of my moving is to transfer files that I’d created in Google drive to whoever will be teaching it next – easy, I thought, just make the new lecturer the owner of the folder. But, it’s not so easy. I have to make them the owner of the files too. Add to that, some of the files are owned by an account I have on the student, rather than the staff, domain – and you can’t transfer from domain to domain.

One way round this has been to download all of the files from Google drive, to my computer and the upload again. The result of that is that all of the files now belong to me – in my staff account. The drawback is that on the way down they’re converted from Google Docs format, to pptx/docx etc. On upload, they’re all converted back to Google. (or not, depending on which setting I’d selected). The drawback of that is that I had some specifically as powerpoint, as they didn’t do what I wanted them to do as a Google presentation.

Guess I’ll have to get them all into the right formats, then change ownership of the lot to the next person. Or download them, and burn them to a CD and give them to them. They can then decide on the import format. But, then the VLE will be pointing to the wrong set. It probably is by now anyway …

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