I’ve recently seen a range of new twitter tools – no doubt there are many more that I’ve not seen!

  • http://twitter.mailana.com lets you see friends & also local Twitters; perhaps a little “busy” to easily understand.
  • Twitteranalyzer Massive range of stats, though I’m a little sceptical about the “followersdensity” maps. If it is accurate … Hello to my clearly massive Argentinian audience.
  • Twitter Stream is rather fun – concentrating on all users, rather than individual ones – but fascinating the difference we get when replacing a “z” with an “s”.
  • Twitterthoughts also looks at the community as a whole – and uses the same software as Gapminder.
  • Tweetlater was something I found recently – only used it once, but remembering it could be useful in the future.

And there are 1001 other tools that I could so easily mention!

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