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Jim Henry lists Nine principles for excellence in web-based teaching. Henry starts out with the comments that many of those teaching online would far rather not be – and often don’t feel they have the expertise to do so.
The principles listed are:

  • The online world is a medium unto itself.
  • In the online world content is a verb.
  • Technology is a vehicle, not a destination.
  • Great online courses are defined by teaching, not technology.
  • Sense of community and social presence are essential to online excellence
  • Excellence requires multiple areas of expertise.
  • A great web interface will not save a poor course; but a poor web interface will destroy a potentially great course.
  • Excellence comes from ongoing assessment and refinement.
  • Sometimes the little extras go a long way.

It’s a list that many in the eLearning world would agree with – but good to see it all in the same place… (and I can’t help thinking that WebCT etc aren’t exactly brilliant at Web interfaces…)

Via Stephen Downes: (As always, his comments re worth reading)

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