I’ve recently started using Twitter more and more; I still find it a little difficult – though I suspect that learning to write in 140 characters is actually quite good for me … and I suppose I ought to lrn to txt wrt.
Several people have pointed out Edmodo recently, I’ve had a bit of a play, though not quite sure how to get friends in it. I think I’ll stick to Twitter for the time being, though I could see uses for Edmodo.

3 thoughts on “Edmodo

  1. Edmodo really isn’t a tool to just login and start messaging, we do offer the Edmodo & support groups to teachers. The idea is to create private groups, then invite either colleagues or students to collaborate in those groups. Privacy of groups is our main concern to have a safe on-line discussion away from the prying eyes of the public but still give you the ability to make posts public when you want too. We agree that Twitter is better suited as a way to connect with other educators.

  2. I guess I was hoping that once I’d joined, I’d be able to find others I knew who were in the system – so that I could test it out with them – rather than having to invite colleagues, who mayn’t understand what I was trying to do. I fully appreciate the fact that many want the privacy settings, it’s just I wanted to experiment with people I knew had some idea of what I was trying to do!

  3. That is why we created the “edmodo” & “support” groups. It gives you a sandbox to play in and see how it works. I would also suggest creating a group and inviting a few colleagues to test with if that’s what you want. We don’t aim to be a replacement for twitter or plurk, we want to be a simple learning tool you can safely use with students.

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