I’ve just done my last session at CAU – yesterday I’d got the students to present their websites -which went very well, and the level 2 students to show me their group research projects – explaining what they’d discovered.

Clearly the research project was quite difficult for them, as quite a few had inadvertently plagiarised, though they did realise their errors. Others, doing their best not to, had said things like “The author said” .. before they’d told me who the author was!

Today was much more relaxed, we talked about Portsmouth & what to expect. The SL model of Liongate was v. useful – though I wish I’d discovered before today that they actually have SL on their machines! The main drawback was that I couldn’t get my laptop online, so had to run it from a memory stick on the teacher PC. Which meant that 90% of the menu items were in Chinese. I’m not familiar enough with SL to just know where they are!

I’ve put some more photos in Flickr – I was a little tired when I uploaded them, so had a little bit of difficulty with the tagging … I managed to re-tag some Egypt ones with “Beijing” & missed most of the Beijing ones. Today, however, I’ve even managed to get the ones I took at the CAU in roughly (I hope!) the right bit of the map.

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