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Blogging from the F-ALT session – looking at Microblogging

Josie has just explained how F-ALT was born, following a number of twitter conversations with Scott.

Andy’s now talking about Twitter users; about 430 delegates have signed up to Crowdvine, but he thinks that only about 40 or so are active Twitterers.

Helen’s just discussing her use of Twitter & the fact it’s mostly for work related stuff, that she drops people who have too many trivial posts.

James Clay has just confessed to sending his 2000th tweet this evening; however, he thinks it’s going to die soon; (last year it was facebook, this year no-one has mentioned it!), how long will Twitter be here for. will be the next big thing – Twitter is dead. Long live Microblogging.

Scott: It’s the wrong name, it’s not micro & it’s not blogging. It’s presence. That’s what’s important.

Frances: Twitter as a community – not sure that it’s a community, but an illusion of a community – but you only see what you see – who you follow & who’s following you aren’t the same set of people.

Suzi: Twitter as a technology & twitter as a community – will it be the same in 12 months time.

Graham: Follows people all over the world; esp. US lawyers; and also for sending tinyURLs … most useful.

Grainne: real mix of fun & serious; useful for sharing blog feeds.

James: Has put feeds into Jaiku; and then put Jaiku into VLE – which has enabled other staff to see useful posts.

James: Someone used it to take notes from morning session –

Last query – I came for a session about “Twister” – why wasn’t it???

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