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Andy Powell comments on the DOS launched on Slideshare recently, seemingly in relation to presentations about the situation in Tibet. (He also noted how quickly someone from Slideshare emailed him, after he’d twittered about it.

This highlights not only the problem of putting material on Slideshare (though the VLE at work has been known to go down, nothing is 100% reliable!), but also the impact that others can have on “open systems”. We get used to a service, and it goes away.

One thought on “Slideshare, Tibet, China and DoS attacks

  1. DOS = denial of service. Took me a moment, but now I’m there. And yes, this is so true. I had JUST screwed up my willpower to make the switch from to Diigo full and complete, and then the recommended tags feature of Diigo went all balky on me (it’s better now).

    My level of dependence on these tools is remarkable; nothing gets me as agitated now as a dropped connection to my precious internet.

    In other news, welcome to the Comment-a-thon; I’d love to hear your thoughts on my current ed-tech dilemma, which is detailed over at

    In peace…

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