6 Adobe AIR apps

ReadWriteWeb have a list of useful AIR applications. I’ve just tried the Google Analytics application – it’s useful. Perhaps a little fiddly to set up profiles, as it seems that I have to enter the username & password to set up each profile – even when I have several sites tied to a single login. It’s also not possible to edit a profile when I realised I’d got it a bit wrong.

However, those niggles aside, it presents the information in a very easy to digest way. I the map overlays seem to be a clearer than Google’s. (Am I really so popular in the middle east?)

I’ll have a look at some others later.

One thought on “6 Adobe AIR apps

  1. I’ve just added NetBook – it’s excellent. Front end to Gutenberg books – you can sort, search by author etc.,

    Once you’ve found the book that you want, it opens it up.
    It’s a fairly basic presentation – but definitely clearer than the .txt files that Gutenberg delivers – though I know that there are increasingly different formats on the Gutenberg home page.

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