Ginger: the new Netvibes. I’d looked at Netvibes (along with PageFlakes) etc., when I first started using iGoogle. At the time, the main reason for selecting iGoogle was the fact that I could integrate existing google services easily. There was no other real reason – and from what I’ve seen, most are pretty similar.
Ginger, however, with the possibility of sharing, does seem to have some extra benefits. Jason Wekler has some good ideas about how this might be incorporated into an eLearning environment. With the “Weblinks” component of WebCT Vista, it could just be added as a weblink.

One thought on “Ginger: the new Netvibes

  1. I’ve just been testing it & have installed a weather checker for Portsmouth. It includes a link to a 10 day forecast. Next to the weather forecasts are links including those to:

    # Check flea activity in your area
    # See which ski resorts have the most snow
    # Check local flu outbreak reports

    Great, fleas, snow & flu. Not sure that I want to live here any more!

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