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It all started with a post on Stephen’s blog about WordPress.Com As OpenCourseWare. That took me to EduGlu, with a very nice diagram of an Open Content and Open Learning environment (seems to be a good diagram of a PLE as well).
Joining EduGlu was fine, trying to add my blog and then to make a comment on the feedback page was a bit more fiddly – and I made a bit of a mess. It’s useful having lots of shared editing buttons. Until drongoes like me make a mistake. (You can’t see it without logging in!)
What had really interested me, though, was the idea of using WordPress for OpenCourseware (or, indeed, any form of Courseware!) Stephen’s post, and the subsequent links to Jim Grooms BavaTuesday (at least, I think it’s his; hard to tell!) answered a question I’ve had for ages. How to use RSS to create posts in a WordPress blog as you can with Elgg. (It was one of the selling points of Elgg for me). I’d not realised that I need to have a spammers mentality. I rather liked Stephen’s reworking of Spam …

Self Propelled Academic Messages

Oh, and David Wiley’s course looks pretty useful too! (I think that it’s a rework of the material on Utah State’s Open Courseware that I pointed students to before)

2 thoughts on “A rambling route through sites!

  1. D’Arcy’s (owner of EduGlu) contacted me. It was putting new users in accidentally as admin. That’s why I found links I shouldn’t have done & managed to edit things accidentally!

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