Clay Burrell (his name is really quite hidden on the site – luckily his commenters knew who he was), has shared a letter he uses to send home with his students for blogging. They’re 17, so, in theory “mature”, but clearly still under 18. While it clearly isn’t appropriate in its current form, the sort of things the parents have to agree to (publishing of first names vs full names, publishing of photos etc), are the sort of things that probably anyone creating a blog should want to think about.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Parent Letter

  1. Thanks, I suppose, for the link, though conversation and collaboration (as invited in that post) about the “clearly inappropriate” aspects of the letter would have more value…. (“Inappropriate” has always been an interestingly empty word to me.)

  2. Gosh – I wasn’t very clear, was I?!
    I was thinking about the letter in connection with my students – who are mostly post graduates.

    It was the general points about getting students to think about who is likely to be reading their posts, how much information they want to offer, and also alerting them to the fact that someone may (as I suspect I’ve done with you) inadvertently say something that was upsetting.

    I hope I’ve not caused offence – I was writing quite quickly and trying to update several posts that have been sitting round for a while.

    I’ll also post an apology on your post.


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