Graham Attwell has just launched a portfolio based on WordPress. That makes it easy to fill up – and it makes use of the structured blogging plugin to create some specialised posts.
I can see that some of the post types – such as “Learning Event” would be very useful, though I could see that “Learning Event” and “Training/ course” might well be confused by students. I’m guessing that “Learning Event” could include, for example, an event that wasn’t meant to be a learning opportunity, but ended up being one (e.g. getting the job of organising a departmental social event), or could have been something like, say, reading a book which was very thought provoking etc.
I suspect, though, that students may need help to see those as learning events.
I would also be nice, I think, to have the MCE input option on the structured items, but I think that’s a plugin issue, not Graham’s!

The integrated CVs could be useful.

He also seems to have built in some useful privacy features – which in some ways are better than Elgg’s as you can include several different users, without having to create new groups when required. (It might be useful, though, to have “Public” as a generic, pre-ticked option, so that people realise if they don’t pick anyone else, it’s public by default. But that might not be as easy to do as it seems!)

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