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Bluetooth helps Facebook friends So, if I have a bluetooth phone, I can register it with Cityware & then when I encounter someone else who has also registered, and they are my friend on facebook, then it will register.

However, given that bluetooth doesn’t travel that far, what are the chances that someone on my (limited) list of friends has also registered, and I’m within 100m of them & don’t notice them…

I suppose that it might work better if you were the sort of person who has many friends on facebook – so many that they’re not what I’d call “friends” – and, come to it, a phone that has bluetooth!

The friends aspect of facebook is fascinating. How do you decide who to add when they ask to be your “friend”. I don’t say “yes” to everyone; there are others who I say “yes” to only relucantly – generally if I have several mutual “friends”. But what is a “friend”? I think that the definition is rapidly changing.

I read over the weekend about Facebook Suicide – no, not actual suicide, but the removal of one’s profile. Though many of the readers at Valleywag see the article as rather amusing, it does raise important issues – especially when we are looking at students using it. Where, in the past, student pranks could stay firmly in the friendship group – and I’m thinking of traditional friendship groups … now it is far more permanent. It’s a very different scenario.

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