JULY 2007 This is the first time I’ve seen this particular Journal, which is based at Indiana University, but has a range of papers.

Gender Differences in British Blogging
Sarah Pedersen & Caroline Macafee

A useful study looking at characteristics of female & male bloggers (over 18) in the UK. They have generally similar findings to others who’ve done similar studies in the US (e.g. that women are more likely to have outgoing links to other blogs, men to have them to news sites / “funnies”; that women (& gay bloggers) are more likely to be concerned about privacy than heterosexual men.
One point they raise is that British bloggers in general are less visible internationally than US (male) bloggers. One finding that Pedersen and Macafee noted, which previous studies had not picked up on, was the creative writing element that many women identified as being important in their blogging.

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