Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it

The Learning Circuits Blog has its monthly “Big Question” about Powerpoint this month. I’ve not yet had a chance to read all the ideas, but those that I have seem to agree with what I think.

From my perspective, we have a number of conflicting points.

  • Presentations have the potential to be very boring.
  • Powerpoint (etc) can provide a handy prop for the presenter.
  • Students don’t like “boring” presentations – yet often find it hard to articulate what they do want.
  • If presentations have very limited content (i.e. the “Good” presentation with the thought provoking image to form a background to a set of useful comments, then students comment that they need more notes…
  • What is the presentation trying to get across anyway?
    • A marketing message
    • Training material – to be learnt & given back to the teacher as is.
    • Educational material – to be taken away, digested & given back with other views embedded?

    More thoughts later.

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