In the past, I’ve tried to put Moodle on a USB stick with WoS (Webserver on a Stick) as the server. I’ve never been able to get it going at Work; though I did get it going at home. I was still keen to at least see if I could try to get it working, so finding Pierre Gorissen’s video explaining (very clearly!) installing it on a USB stick with Xampp as the server, encouraged me to try again. Success! I have even had it running on a locked down lab machine.

3 thoughts on “Moodle on a Stick.

  1. I’m glad the screencast helped you getting it to work. 🙂

    On this page there are a number of different options (Quicktime, WMV, download, streaming) for watching the video besides the Flash version you link to.

  2. Hi Emma

    You can also download WordPress and PMwiki and get them going on a USB key. Very useful for demonstrating when you do not have access to the web.

  3. Hi Rowland
    I’d thought about WordPress but not done it yet; I already have MoinMoin desktop on it to demonstrate Wikis. However, as it’s the same USB stick as I have quite a few other things on (the Portable Apps Suite), I suspect I ought to get a new USB stick really to put all the Server based things on.

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