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Britain’s biggest blog is the current version of the Mass Observation Archive (1930s) which attempted to get people to observe everyday activities etc.

The National Trust director said:

“It would be fantastic if hundreds of thousands of people take up this opportunity for mass online participation… and make it the biggest blog ever.”

Historian Dan Snow added that it wasn’t necessary to record “exciting” events.

“What we want this to be is a detailed account of people’s normal lives when they’re doing nothing out of the ordinary; what they did when they got up, what they ate, how they got to work, what they did at work.

“It’s those mundane details, those boring details that will seem extraordinary to people hundreds of years in the future.”

The difficulty of course, will be getting involvement from the full range of the population. The blog is on the History Matters website – who have a range of other activities. (Let’s hope that they are advertising them other than on the internet…) As a range of organisations – such as the National Trust, are involved, they’ll hopefully have a range of ways of publiscising it.
History Matters website:

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