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I’ve just been trying to sort out some of the software etc., on my PC.
BuddySpace An OU project that uses the Jabber network. It tries to place people on a map – which can be an office plan – or a map of the globe. Can’t use it at work (I thought it was because I’d forgotten my Jabber details), but it uses the *wrong* ports.

FlashMeeting. Another OU project – this one does work in the University (or it did last year when I tested it). This time it’s got video feeds. They’ve links to yet another project – one that I’ve not tried – Hexagon which sounds really promising.

Meebo. I’ve already blogged about Meebo. Good idea, but in reality not that practical (for me).

GroupWise Messenger. We’ve recently had our email system at work changed to Groupwise – so we get groupwise messenger as well. Not sure it’s that much use, as it only works with people in the system – i.e. other staff. I’d rather something that I can use with the students and people outside the university.

One thought on “Instant Messaging

  1. Agree completely about gw messenger, and the same comment applies to gw calendar – it seems less useful (for my purposes) than a calendar I can publish to anybody, anywhere on the web. Moreover gw calendar appears to use a non-standard, proprietary format so it is difficult to link to other (standard) calendars.

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