The Next-Generation Research Tool Someone emailed me about this – I suspect in relation to the comments I made about WorldCat recently. It looks to be very useful – apart from the fact it only seems to work with Firefox 2.0 – which is in beta. I’ve installed it on my laptop – and intend to have a play over the next couple of weeks. One slight problem was that though I put it in a different directory to Firefox 1.5, they seem to be using the same profile, and not all of the 1.5 extensions that I have work with 2, so, starting 2 I get a list of 1.5 extensions that don’t work, starting 1.5 I get the information that zotero doesn’t work. Hopefully it won’t take long for the other extensions to be updated.

2 thoughts on “Zotero

  1. Thanks … I might try that – I’ve got a couple of extensions that I use for teaching (e.g. Accessibar ) – and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to demonstrate them, if I just have the newer version.

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