Susan Sedro has an example Vaestro board up; it’s a board where you can record your thoughts. She’s posted the question “what’s your favourite children’s book?

It reads the whole thread once started, though I do have a few concerns re. accessibility. The poster only has to leave a written comment if they choose. While I can see a great potential for getting thoughts online, I could see some issues if you have the need to have accessible learning material. (Also, lack of transcript leads to difficulty searching).

I’m just trying to test it; you have to have Flash installed, and, when it asks for permission to record, let it! If you accidentally click “deny” (e.g. because you realise that you have yet to plug the microphone in…), then you’ll need to go to the Flash Settings manager (online), in order to reset it.
The drawback of recording is that you can’t edit if you make a mistake, you have to start over again. I was also testing to see how long a summary I could write (i.e. could I write a full transcript), except I accidentally clicked the wrong button, so it got posted with no summary at all!

Generally seems like a good idea though.

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