The Observer reports on Faceparty – which Teenagers seem to be moving to, away from MySpace.

Britain’s teenagers have a secret. The money spent by media companies buying up well-known internet chatrooms such as Friends Reunited and MySpace has missed the target. New figures show that the busiest community website is the unheralded Faceparty.

Given that many of those taking part are teenagers, it would be interesting to know if those a few years older, who were MySpace users, have switched, or if it’s the next group down who are using it from the start.

One thought on “MySpace is like so totally over

  1. I don’t think that there’s odd with there being different places that different demographics want to ‘hang out’. My real-life friends are all on LiveJournal and life without LJ would be as weird as life without e-mail, Facebook obviously has a certain part of the US market cornered and so on. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if some teenagers have decided that MySpace is too mainstream and that somewhere else would be a more cool place to be. It’s interesting what has made some sites popular with some groups more than others.

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