BBC report on a Pew Internet Report suggests that they’ve found:

But the report, entitled The Strength of Internet Ties, found that e-mail supplements rather than replaces offline communications.

Another Pew Report, covered by the BBC at the end of last year, found that the gender divide online has more or less vanished, in terms of raw numbers, but still exisits in terms of what people are doing online.

the research found that men value the net for the freedom it gives them to try new ways of doing things.
By contrast women like the opportunities the net gives them to make and maintain human connections.

The report found that something like 68% of US men & 66% of US women are online (though the greater numbers of women in the population means that there are actually more women online than men.) In some communities though the difference is much greater – only 50% of black men are online, compared to 60% of black women.
There were a few other (predictable) differences – for example, 68% of the administrators of the computer in a household are men, whereas only 45% have a female administrator… (it doesn’t say how many of those are in women only households)

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