Using blogs to teach philosophy.
This opens with the statement

Students taking their first philosophy course often express surprise when encouraged to use “I” in their papers. Unlike academic writing in most other disciplines, philosophical writing frequently and strongly states the “I” because philosophers have to develop and defend their own positions. They cannot weasel out of taking responsibility for their views, and thus the assertion of the “I” means that they are willing to stand or fall with their expressed position.

Linda Patrik goes on to suggest that that’s why blogging is ideal for philosophy students, as blogging, being essentially personal, is great for “I”. However, I think for all students, writing for an audience is a very valid reason for blogging. It isn’t the same style as I’d require in a Computer Science dissertation, unfortunately many CS students struggle with writing anyway, so to then have to do it in an academic style just adds to their difficulties, but it IS writing.

Via: Stephen Downes

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