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Christopher D. Sessums looks at the challenges to moving more learning & teaching online. I’ll start with something from his conclusion:

educators are presented with a number of challenges in getting students to adopt skills and demonstrate intellectual and practical dexterity of many complex concepts

To get to this point, he’d looked at various aspects, both of online teaching, and, more pertinently, face to face teaching, suggesting that in order to fully crititise off online teaching, we need first to look critically at face to face teaching.

He lists points that Chickerling & Gamson listed in 1997, characterising good undergraduate teaching:

• encourage student-faculty contact;
• encourage cooperation among students;
• encourage active/engaged learning;
• give prompt feedback;
• emphasize time on task;
• communicate high expectations; and
• respect diverse talents and ways of learning.

All of these points can be examined in any environment.

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