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Blogger for Word

A useful tool, for Blogger users, especially those that feel happier writing in Word, with the spelling & grammar checkers etc.
I’ll have a go with the old Blogger account later, and see how it goes.
For spelling, I tend to use either IE Spell, or, more frequently now, Spellbound for Firefox.
(In posting this, I managed to discover another blog that I’d set up while testing blogger … and had forgotten totally about … – Liz Dobson had even posted a comment to my one post. )

3 thoughts on “Blogger for Word

  1. Well, I’ve just tested it … It doesn’t quite work. I’d got an apostrophe in “I’m”, which has got transformed to some gobbleydegook, and other punctuation has also suffered.
    The colour formatting that I tried didn’t work. For some reason the hyperlink is the same size as the rest of the text on the page, and when the font is changed with the sidelinks, it changes to. The body on the other hand, is smaller than the rest of the text, and though it will enlarge with the rest, stays proportionately smaller. The font face though won’t change.

  2. OK … just done some more testing. If I remove the accessible template, then the apostrophes etc appear as expected.
    The font though is still smaller (and it’s the Garamond that is Word’s default), apart from the hyperlink, which is the same size & font as the rest of the blog.
    I’ll put the accessible template back on though.

  3. I’ve commented in the other blog, that as soon as I’d posted the first comment with the Blogger for Word Plugin, it got a (spammed) comment …

    I therefore tested it with a second post – and, surprise, surprise, it’s been spammed. I’m not going to use the Blogger for Word anymore – but, also, I’ve enabled the “Word verification” – the random (graphics based) word that you ahve to copy. While that does make it less accessible, it saves having to remove inappropriate comments.

    Unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t seem to have the option to have the letters read out, as say the version on the phpbb registration screens.

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