Hello WordPress!

Well I’ve finally managed to export from Blogger to WordPress. Setting up WordPress was very easy. However, trying to get the posts from Blogger to here wasn’t quite so easy. It kept getting to 50% and giving me an error. However, it seems that it was a timing out issue. …
The old blog will stay at http://www.kmet-emma.blogspot.com – but this one will be updated from now on.

I’ve got a few issues now such as categorising all the old posts – and also redoing an accessible template – but I’ve got this one started anyway.

2 thoughts on “Hello WordPress!

  1. It was quite easy, Simon. I got Phil Trew, who manages our web space to set up a mySQL database. From there on, WordPress has the instructions (basically edit the config file to point to your mySQL database, with the password etc), copy the files to your webspace, and run one simple set up file.

    Moving things from Blogger was a bit more hectic!

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