I seem to have been getting rather behind with keeping this upto date – I have got a heap of useful links that I want to comment on, though at present they are just sitting in the “draft” tray.

One of the things that I have been trying to sort out is my tablet PC – which needed reformatting (not sure what it had wrong with it, I hope it wasn’t a virus, as I had the University recommended McAfee on it, and updated it when ever I used the tablet).

However, when the crunch came, and the guys in Merc decided that I needed to reformat it, we then discovered that it’s not possible to use the Recovery CDs in a non-Toshiba external CD player. And we hadn’t got a Toshiba one. I now have a regular copy of XP on it, so can’t do the tabletty things, however, Tablet PC buzz, has some useful pointers to setting it up to boot from a network, there are other useful posts there too. Another useful forum is Tablet questions– where again I’ve found some useful handy hints.

I’ll hopefully have it up and running again soon.

I’m also going to try to get a few things updated here too!

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