I’ve been working on ensuring accessibility of assessments that are created with Perception recently. One site that I used a lot was Glish to help me with creating scalable fonts. (It’s also useful for all things to do with .css). They had a Blogger template which had scalable text, though I wasn’t so keen on the changing colours … I thought that could be distracting. I’ve therefore adapted it, putting the .css and .js coding into the template. The only problem that I’ve come across was that the top banner – with my name in has got partially obscured by the Blogger banner. The sample at Glish didn’t have the Blogger banner, though the one that I uploaded to my Uni webspace does have it. Looking at the code, it snuck that banner in at the top, so I now have to figure out how to pull mine below that level. Just now though I have other things that need doing!

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