Following several reports of a vulnerability with the version of Java that I was using (1.4.2_03), such as the one at DSLReports, I decided to upgrade JRE to 1.4.2_06. Given previous experiences of upgrading JRE, I uninstalled the existing version before installing the new. (JRE isn’t great at uninstalling an earlier version, and having two versions on can lead to problems with WebCT’s chat & discussion boards). However, I still had the problem of WebCT’s chat not working …, so following the suggestions on WebCT’s Ask Dr. C, I tried clearing the cache and deleting the certificates (it was actually a WebCT one, not a RealObjects one). Chat then worked. 🙂

I’m wondering now if that will also work on Lab computers, which I’ve assumed haven’t worked due to two clients being installed (and I can’t do anything about that). Clearing caches & deleting certificates might be possible.

Note: Anyone who has JRE 1.5 (confusingly also called 5.0), doesn’t have the current vulnerability problem. (Source:

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