280 Slides

I’ve just had a wee play with 280 Slides. I’m impressed. It let me search online for images & videos that could be embedded, and then let me upload it to slideshare. In terms of Presentations, it’s not got too many choices, just a few backgrounds & a few layouts – but given that most Powerpoint options never get used, it’s got more than enough choice.
The layout got a bit messed up on export to Slideshare & the video no longer plays, but it did let me download it to Powerpoint (the video’s been converted to an image at some point).
Downloading direct to Powerpoint from 280 Slides still had the video as an image, but the layout was as I’d left it. It downloads (or can be emailed) as pptx, rather than ppt, which could be difficult if the recipient hasn’t got Office 2007.
It is still in beta, but I think that it’s got potential.
Here’s the original, if you’re interested.

Online Presentation Tools.

I’ve used Slideshare quite a bit since I discovered it (apparently I first mentioned in it June 06), and I’ve also looked at other sites that offer similar functionality, though have tended to stick to slideshare as I’m used to it.

There are other sites, though, that have additional functionality, and I do rather like the look of (though not sure that I have the time to fully investigate them!)


  • Scivee: Which I’ve mentioned in the past is aimed at the science community – and allows the upload of presentations, papers, videos, audio etc.
  • Scribd: I’ve looked at this in the past & might well have used it, had I not already been using Slideshare. It allows documents as well as slides to be uploaded (though, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t allow audio tracks to be embedded in the same way. They’re using “iPaper” – which also allows you to create iPaper documents and embed them on a website. TOny Hirst created a useful bookmarklet to enabled the creation of iPaper documents.

Creating presentations.

  • VUE. This looks interesting. It’s a java application, so requires installing, rather than running online. It’s also probably somewhere between a mind map & a presentation tool. It allows the same presentation to be presented in a number of different formats/ orders.
  • Sliderocket. I have just been invited to the beta testing of SlideRocket. It seems to be a presentation tool where there are a lot of options for transitions etc., Personally, I prefer something plainer. But, then again, I’m not a graphic designer!

Share & create

  • Google Docs/ Zoho / Ajax Presents etc. all offer the ability to either create online, or to upload existing presentations (Powerpoint, Open Office, though not always Mac keynote) – and to share as required.