Many Eyes.

I’ve revisited Many Eyes for the first time in a long time – and even decided to have a go at creating a visualisation. I’m not that good at selecting appropriate values at present – however, using the fee tables from the Guardian, I managed to get a pretty visual representation of the proportion of Unis that are going to charge the full £9,000.
I need now to have a look at some of the other visualisations from that data (e.g. those Tony Hirst did) to work out how to best use the data.
I’d not realised they also did word clouds etc. before; wonder if I can export all the data from Momento (just my tweets?) & create one somehow …

Data Visualization Tools

I’ve seen a number of data visualisation tools recently – there’s ManyEyes (Tony Hirst has done some fun things with the HEFCE funding data); I’ve also mentioned Gapminder (powered by Trendalyzer – now owned by Google) on more than one occasion.
Adam Ostrow, at Mashable, lists 16 Awesome Data Visualization Tools. He wrote the post in 2007, so since then some of the tools (e.g. Crazy Egg) have vanished, but it’s still a useful list of ways of representing data visually.