I have been spending far too much time on Twitter and G+, but thought I’d better return to this.

My current task is updating and preparing materials for a new Unit, a University Ambassador Scheme based Unit.

We’d already got one in the Maths department, so updating the links, changing Maths specific sites to Computing Specific sites took time, but was useful – as I found out quite a bit of background, schools have changed a lot since I did my PGCE!

However, I then wanted to extract all the URLs in the document, to import them into the Talis reading list we have. Not such a straightforward task. I found a useful set of instructions, though you have to follow *all* points. On the mac, it was easier to set the preferences to showing the field codes via Word’s preferences, rather than cmd F9, as that’s already mapped to other things in OSx. Making sure you close the find dialogue box *before* copying is also important, or you only get the first link in the list.

The next stage was more challenging, one I gave up on! It was relatively easy to convert the list of URL to a HTML page, so I could add to a browser’s bookmark list, and thus to Diigo. But, I wasn’t able to find a way of converting to a list that I could add to a bibliographic tool, does anyone know of a way to convert CSV to RIS?

Will just have to do it manually, which, is, in many ways, no bad thing, as I can double check the links. I was just trying to be lazy.


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