I realise I forgot the URL! Scribefire is a Firefox plugin (I’ve just discovered that if you’ve on a webpage, & try to add a link, it assumes that you want it from that page; neat!)
I couldn’t get it to post to two blogs simultaneously, but I could do one after the other. What I like is that, as far as I can tell, the tags I entered for the WordPress powered blog stayed as ‘local’ tags. (Hmm…doesn’t remember which tags I’ve used before…)  When I’ve used the tagging feature in Flock it seems to create Technorati tags (though that does raise the question; should I use WordPress categories to help me find things again, but should I use technorati tags to help others find things?)
So, using Scribefire might give me a useful solution to the rss update to eduspaces. For what it’s worth, the publish to the Eduspaces blog told me there was an error, but it seemed to work! I think it was trying to use the categories from the WordPress blog.

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