Jane Hart’s “25 Tools” is today’s Slideshow of the Day

Of those she lists:

  • Firefox – yes (and Flock)
  • Delicious – got an account, but never use it.
  • Google Reader – yes, embedded into my iGoogle page (& now into Vista’s Sidebar)
  • Gmail – yes – again into iGoogle (though not the Vista sidebar … but I have added it to my OLPC as an application)
  • Skype – yes, but not often, as we’re not meant to use it at work; so tend to use FlashMeeting instead for work.
  • Google calendar – to an extent – but it doens’t integrate with either the Groupwise or the WebCT Vista calendars (and they don’t with each other, either)
  • Google Docs – yes (yet another gadget on the iGoogle page)
  • iGoogle – see above!
  • Slideshare – yes (though I have looked at others)
  • Flickr – yes (even got a pro account!)
  • Voicethread – that’s a new one – but it sounds good 🙂
  • WordPress – need I say more? (Though I do like Elgg)
  • Audacity – yes.
  • YouTube – yes
  • Jing – I’ve recommended it in the past, though tend to use Captivate, just because we have it on the machines.
  • PBWiki – got an account, though I’ve used Wikispaces more with students (and hope to have a local install of MediaWiki for next academic year)
  • PollDaddy – I’ve heard of this, but not really investigated, as though I’ve read about quite a few online survey tools – I’ve not had to use one in anger … yet (and as I do a lot of work with our Perception server, I know that tool really quite well!)
  • Nvu – I’ve got this installed; however, it’s not been updated since 2005, and I’ve also read that Kompozer is where they are now doing the updates, so that’s what I’m using more now as an alternative to Dreamweaver etc.,
  • Yugama – another one that’s new to me. Seems to be an alternative to Flashmeeting etc., I may have to investigate (and you can have up to 10 people for free, which is more than Elluminate’s Vroom)
  • Ustream – heard of, watched, but not tried broadcasting. Yet!
  • Ning – guess it had to come up. I really don’t like Ning. Though I know many others do. Oh well.
  • Freemind – I’ve used it, and quite like it – though tend to use Inspiration more. (Just wish either made as good use of the stylus input on a tablet as Mind Manager can.)
  • eXe – really must re-test this, now that we have a version of WebCT that it works with. Looked a really useful tool when I looked before (until I couldn’t import anything!)
  • Moodle – I wish …
  • Twitter – using it, but hardly what you’d call a devotee.

This seems to be a generally comprehensive list; of course, there are things I’d have put in instead, but there again, she did create it from others’ recommendations.

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