I’d not seen Scott’s original matrix (or, to be strictly honest, I think I have seen it before, but I can’t remember where/ when / I certainly never did anything with it at the time!). The first interactive one rings a bell, though I think that it is a shame they’ve removed the gradation from “self” to “rest of the net” that Scott had in the original. I did wonder, however, should “For others students” come before or after “for instructors” for the students… to me, I think I’d put other students nearer “self” for students, than the instructor. As students, we may have a (albeit select) group of close peers we’d rather share something with before sharing it with an instructor. To be fair, Scott said that he was looking at the formal side of education; when we might see the blog as an assessment item; hence it might be only the instructor who can see it. That raises the question of whether or not we should be assessing blogs; or if they should be a more personal, reflective space…
Leaving the finer details aside, the latest version allows for users to add their own labels. – which I like. It’s also “wiki-ised”. So the view that you’re seeing probably isn’t the view that I saw. You can drag the labels round to your hearts content.. That said, I think I’m going to go low tech & incorporate this with a paper blogging exercise. Get out the flip charts & postits!

Via: Stephen Downes

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