I’ve just started experimenting with Word 2007 – and discovered that I could blog from it. I’ve previously set up Flock to blog directly – and that was very easy. I just entered the URL of the blog – and it found the correct settings.

I erroneously thought that the inclusion of “WordPress” on the list of blogging sites for Word meant “those blogs hosted by WordPress”, rather than those with WordPress powering them, so didn’t try to register “Blogging IT and EDucation.” I was playing about with my Eduspaces account, and discovered how to get it into Word – where Flock had been able to pick up the actual URL that I needed, Word didn’t, but I was able to copy it. Flock, however, was able to add all the blogs that I can post to on Eduspaces all at once, (i.e. my personal one & those for all the communities that I belong to). Word, on the other hand, allowed me to select which one I wanted to blog to. If I want others, I’ll have to add them one at a time.

I then decided to try the WordPress option – it gave me the end part of the URL that I’d need (/xmlrpc.php) – and I could then add the main URL.

So, now I can blog from Word to either blog. Whether I will or not is entirely a different matter!

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