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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to finalise the move from the now deceased tech server to this one. It wasn’t particularly easy initially, as I had to manually edit all the pages …

It also wouldn’t import into Eduspaces – which I found annoying.

There were a number of suggestions from people as to why I could have been having difficulties:

  • The fact that there’s a ~ in the URL – but Terry could get hers to work without all the editing.
  • My files had got corrupted in the move – well, they didnt’ seem to be, and installing new ones didn’t work anyway
  • The fact that I’d got a – in my URL; a possibility as others hadn’t.
  • The fact that I’d reset the permalinks to be “pretty” …

The last point seemed the most likely, so I disabled, and was able to upgrade to 2.0.11 – without having to edit the files. Seemed like a distinct possibility!

Then I tried the upgrade, having re-enabled the pretty permalinks; and it still worked! Finally, I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.2.2 (I wasn’t able to do that until the version of MySQL on the database was updated)

So, either someone has altered something on userweb, or the update to MySQL also included other updates; or the server just didn’t like me at first & has changed its mind.

Whatever the reasons, it now works without me having to edit all the files, and the feeds into Eduspaces also works.

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