As I’ve said in other posts, as well as this blog, I’ve also got one on Eduspaces (was Elgg). I’d decided to get my students to use Elgg, so felt that I ought to have one there too. By the time that we had made the move from Blogspot to Elgg, this blog was starting to get known, so I rather liked the facility of being able to add the RSS feed from here, and have both blogs updated with a single post.
Prior to publishing, you have to agree to the following statement:

(You should only do this if you have the legal right to use this resource – in other words, you must have permission from the content owner, as the feed’s content will appear in your blog as if you had written it.)

I’ve recently started seeing blogs on Eduspaces that are just feeds from the BBC or other news agencies. Those I’ve seen are tagged as BBC, have links back to the BBC site, but, they have the blog owner as the author.

As an Educator – I start to worry … given that it’s so easy to syndicate, how to I encourage my students to cite properly? How can I get them to at least comment on others ideas, rather than just copy them – as happens with most syndicated posts.
As a blogger, I like the ease with which I can maintain two blogs – with differing audiences. But, at what point do I start to be a spammer, having too many things out there?

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