I’ve been using ikeepbookmarks for some time now, to organise bookmarks & I find it very useful. However, I know that del.ici.ous is much more heavily used; so was Googling to see if I could find any reviews of the two. In part, I was hoping to find evidence to support my decision not to move to del.ici.ous – other than the “They’re in there, I’m used to it & it would take far too long to move & retag the 2000+ links that I have!” reason that I currently use.

The tagging is one of the things that I’m not sure about, I’ve found it hard enough with ikeepbookmarks slotting things into the folders that I’ve created, however while tagging has the clear advantage that I can have more than one tag for a particular URL, I can see that it would be very easy with a tagging scheme to call something “e-learning” one day “eLearning” another and so on.

My Googling though took me via this post, and from there to Bob Stumpel’s blog, which includes his “Big Categorised list” – which is, as far as I can tell, everything he’d found up to June 19th … Newer discoveries have been blogged about since.

Another pretty comprehensive list – and the chance to look at them is presented by Web2.0 slides. It’s not quite as long as Bob’s from what I can tell, but 1,400 is plenty!

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