Glass orb with reflection of the landscape in it have a report into Learning Styles, and how useful (or not) they are in assisting teachers. Among other things, they point out that you can’t just label children – and say that they are “an auditory learner”. Garner, who first discussed multiple intelligence (one of the learning styles covered in most books etc.,) said:

“I learned that an entire state had adapted an education programme based in part on MI theory,” … “The more I learned about this programme, the less comfortable I was. Much of it was a mishmash of practices – left brain and right brain contrasts, sensory learning styles, neurolinguistic programming and multiple intelligences approaches, all mixed with dazzling promiscuity.”

In particular the article focuses on a DfES publication that covers the “standard” view of learning styles, without mentioning the controversy that can surround it.

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