Yet again, a period of silence on my part. I have been using twitter, where I’m @emmadw, and have started using Google+ – but trying to decide how to best manage things! I know that some people like the fact you can have circles in G+, in order to target posts; I know others like to send the same update to multiple locations (twitter/facebook/G+); I’m trying to decide what works for me.
Blogging I know I’ve been lax, but when I get back into it, I think it does work; for me. I’m thinking, though, that I’ll primarily see this blog as ‘me’ stuff, if others want to read & share they can. But, I’m my primary audience.
Twitter Good for sharing – especially work related; and easy to use. Definitely part of the toolkit! (For now, till I change my mind!)
Google+ Has its uses, though I think they’re limited. However, with the fact that now students have it via their myport accounts, I think I might use it more – with a dedicated account there. I’ll probably keep two accounts, one for work related, external use (as I’m currently using it) and another for more internal, student focussed uses.
Facebook Though I originally set up Facebook for work related purposes, it’s now very much social. I’m trying to gradually remove people who are purely work related, who I’ve never met etc., from Facebook & redirect them, should they want to remain in contact with me, to G+ and/or Twitter. Maybe, I’ll end up moving away from Facebook, to say a G+ a/c associated with my personal gmail addy, but not at the moment. My friends are there, I’m not going to get them to move, but if they move, then I’ll follow. For that particular case, I don’t think being a trendsetter will work!

N.B. Just had a few problems writing this post! In Firefox, all worked as I wanted. In Chrome, the buttons to edit the code were missing. (I could type them myself, but if they were missing, wasn’t quite sure if anything else was! In IE, while the buttons were there, it was utterly determind to put all links right at the start – no matter where the cursor was, what was highlighted etc. Firefox behaved beautifully! The edit buttons are all present & correct, any links I pasted in went where I wanted them to go …

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