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(No, nothing to do with Sir Alan!)
I’ve got an OLPC , and have an Acer Aspire Netbook with Sugar On A Stick installed – and was trying to get them to recognise each other, in order to demonstrate the mesh & collaborative working.
I was able to get both onto the Uni Network (though I had to get both machines’ mac addresses recognised on the network using different OSes).
However, they wouldn’t see each other (though I’m sure they have in the past, but I had updated both the OLPC and the version of SOAS that morning). A tweet by @Mokurai got me thinking.
On the OLPC, I could see Mesh 1,6 & 11, while the Acer was showing Ad-hoc networks 1,6 & 11. I assumed they were the same, so joined both to the same numbered one (11, for what it’s worth), but that didn’t work.
The OLPC jabber channel wasn’t set, so I set that to the same as the SOAS one.
Strangely, the OLPC then showed lots of other sugar users (though not the acer!)
OLPC connected to the Jabber network - lots of peers available
So, then I thought about the comment he’d made re. mesh. I then connected the OLPC to Mesh 11, and the Acer to Ad-hoc 11. Suddenly, on the OLPC, an ‘ad-hoc 11’ (though not 1 or 6) appeared.
Now they could see each other.

(Neither were online at the time, but hey, that’s the next stage!

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