I have just discovered LearnHub. Initially, I wasn’t overly impressed, as the intro tour & also the initial list of links, implied that it was predominantly school (i.e. under 18 year old learners) oriented. However, searching the communities found me several of interest; in particular one on Web2 & teaching/learning. Though it’s run by Enzo Silva, who I’ve not come across before, many of the lessons are created by Nellie Deutsch, who I have “met” virtually in a number of locations.
LearnHub seems to offer a set of “lessons”, “tests” & discussions. I’ve not explored it well enough yet to know if you can ensure that a test is linked to a lesson etc.

How did I find it; well, I had a message to say that Twine has now left the beta stage, and while the featured Twine on the home page looked interesting (beer), I thought perhaps I’d better search for something a little more relevant to work – and found the link to LearnHub.

2 thoughts on “LearnHub

  1. Hi Emma,

    I’m glad you were able to find a community you were interested in on LearnHub. Nellie has done a good job with several communities! She’s great.

    I’m one of the creators of the site. We have the difficult task or supporting hundreds of communities that suit different people–students of all ages, teachers/professors–just about everyone.

    Please post more of your thoughts when you’ve spent more time with LearnHub. We are listening for compliments and criticisms.

    Best regards,


  2. I used to be involved in Learnhub before I joined Wikieducator. The CEOs of LearnHub are a couple by the name of Green (John and Melgosia). LearnHub is the result of a collaboration between India’s largest online educator–Educomp–and Savvica Inc., an educational technology company that John and Malgosia Green founded back in 2004.

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