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I’ve just been told that CAU does have access to eJournals – I guess I must have not made it clear to the students what it was I was trying to ask them (Or maybe they’re just like UK students, they get told lots of times & still forget!)

Now … to figure out which buttons we need to click on … the students are very good at showing me what to click on.

One thought on “eJournals – in China

  1. Yes, the students were really good at helping me identify the right bits to click on in Chinese only web pages, and useful sites. Its an enlightening experience (from an HCI point of view) trying to navigate in a Chinese language from a usability point of view, knowing only a handful of characters, and judiciously using babel fish to translate bits (but of course ‘graphic’ buttons always fail). BTW are there chinese language ejournals available?

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