I’m getting some of my students to use blogs as part of their work while I’m here. We have a unit in the second year in which the students (in Portsmouth) have to use Eduspaces (Elgg powered) to create a “blog carnival” of their research. I’ve not got the time for that & also the students I have haven’t had the same background, so I’m getting them to find 1 academic (a fairly loosely applied term!) paper on their group’s subject; then to summarise it (quoting / referencing properly), in their blogs; to read the rest of their groups posts & then to use Google Docs to create a simple lit. review of all of the papers their group has found.

Some of the problems we’ve run into are simply things like lack of eJournals, difficulty accessing open journals inside China; others focus more on how to find key points in articles, how to reference properly. Hopefully, though, we’ll get there!

The other issue I ran into today was as I was adding all their blogs to Google reader, it must have decided that I can read Chinese! So, I suddenly had a lot of the buttons etc., in Chinese.

3 thoughts on “Blogging in China

  1. Hello, Emma,

    Hope you could find some fun apart from all the frustrationyou have been running into.

    In fact, CAU have access to almost all the big ejornal database in the world. Just click the library and find the right button in chinese and it will lead to the ejornals . Do not hesitate to let the staff know here if you need any help.

    Anyhow enjoy rest of your teachin in China!

    take care


  2. Oh great! I’ll ask the students to find it! The ones that I asked didn’t seem to think that they had access to them!
    We’d found that ChinaCat was good for helping them to locate resources in China, but they didn’t seem to know that the library had them. Perhaps they didn’t understand my question!

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